How To Sell Puppies On Facebook Like A Pro! 8 Tips and Step-by-Step Guide

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Sell puppies

Selling puppies on Facebook can be a lucrative business. Are you thinking about selling your puppy on Facebook Marketplace? But it’s not that easy. Sure, many people sell puppies on Facebook daily, but most of them need to do it better. They might post their puppies for sale at a different time, place them in the wrong category, or worse- they might not post at all!

This blog post will help you sell your puppy successfully on Facebook Marketplace. I’ll give you five tips to make the process easier and help you get more Exposure for your puppies.

Sell puppies

Why is it illegal to sell animals on Facebook? 

The sale of animals on Facebook is illegal for many reasons. Further, I will answer the question: Can you sell a dog on the Facebook marketplace?

First, it is not easy to verify the health and well-being of an animal when the transaction is taking place online. There have been numerous cases of people purchasing animals only to find out that they are sick or have other health problems. The pet owner is providing no vet references or certificates.

Second, there is no way to guarantee that the buyer will provide a good home for the animal. In many cases, animals sold online end up in shelters or rescue organizations because the new owner was not prepared to take care of them.

Finally, selling animals on Facebook often supports puppy mills and other inhumane breeding operations.

By prohibiting the sale of animals on its platform, Facebook is helping to reduce the demand for these cruel businesses. Below is some forum within Facebook that take you more in-depth about how to sell a dog on Facebook & you will learn how to advertise puppies on Facebook.

Which Forums On Facebook Can You Use to Sell Your Pets Legally

A few options are available if you’re searching for a place to sell your dog on Facebook.

  • One option is to join a dog-related group and post about your dog in the marketplace section. It is a great way to reach out to dog lovers interested in giving your dog a good home.
  • Another option is to join a general marketplace group and post about your dog in the ‘Pets’ section. It can be easy to reach a wider audience, but it’s essential to be aware that not all members of these groups will be interested in buying a dog.
  • Finally, you can also create a post on your own personal Facebook page, which all can see of your friends and followers. If you have an extensive network of friends and followers, this could be a great way to find a new home for your puppy.

Whichever method you choose, ensure that you include clear photos and detailed information about your dog so potential buyers can make an informed decision. You can also link your website with your social media profile. The website always provides authority to your account.

Things You Should Plan Before Going To Facebook

Sell puppies

Remember running ads related to Pets is not allowed on Facebook. However, you can advertise their food and then indirectly upsell your pets.

1- Plan Ahead 

The first thing you require to do before selling any puppies is to plan out your strategy. What times of day are the best to post? What kind of ads should you run? How many puppies should you put up for sale at a time? Once you have a plan, everything will flow more smoothly.

2- Decide Your Prices Right

The second thing you must do is set the correct prices for your puppies. Too high, and you’ll likely lose potential buyers; too low, and you’ll end up with unhappy pups. Just find a price fair for the puppy’s breed, age, and condition.

3- Use The Right Categories

When you post your puppies for sale on Facebook Marketplace, put them in the correct category. It will help people find them more quickly and enable them to compare different breeds of puppies side by side.

4- Keep Them Updated!

Sell puppies

One of the best ways to keep potential buyers updated on your puppies is to post frequent updates. Not every buyer will show an interest in every puppy you put up for sale, but by keeping them updated, you’ll have a better chance of selling one or more pups.

5- Use Social Media Marketing to Boost Exposure

The final thing you need to do is use social media marketing to boost your Exposure. It might include posting on other people’s Facebook pages, using promoted posts, or even paying for targeted ads.

Tips To Post Your Puppies On Facebook For Sale

Here are some tips to help you do it successfully that how to sell puppies on Facebook:

1- Create a Profile for Your Puppy

Before selling anything, make an account for your puppy on Facebook. It will give you a platform to promote your pup, post pictures and videos of them, and connect with potential buyers.

2- Create a Listing

Sell puppies

After you create an account for your puppy, the next step is to create a listing for them. It will be where you list the pup for sale, along with any relevant information (price, size, etc.). Make sure to add some great photos of your dog so potential buyers can get a good idea of what they’re getting.

3- Add Photos of Your Puppy

After creating a listing, the next step is to add photos of your puppy. These should be clear and high-quality so potential buyers have a good idea of how they look. You can also add videos to your listing if you want. Don’t add only 1 or 2 pics. Add at least 5-7 pics so buyers can take a detailed look at the pup from different angles.

4- Describe Your Puppy in Detail

Once you add some pictures from different angles, the next step is to describe your puppy in detail. Make sure to include all relevant information, such as age, size, breed, and any health concerns (if applicable).

5- Set Your Price

Now that you have created your puppy’s profile and a listing, it’s time to set the price! Start by looking at similar puppies recently sold and adding 10% to their cost as your starting point. You can also check competitors to ensure you are setting a competitive price. Another method is to keep your asking price high to set some bargaining margin.

6- Use Hashtags Related To Pets

Sell puppies

After setting up the price, use related hashtags for advertising your pup on Facebook. Hashtags are a great way to reach potential buyers and get your name out there. Be sure to include hashtags related to the breed, size, and age of the puppy so that people can easily find your post.

7- Tag Important and Famous Profile To Your Post

It is a crucial step to increase the visibility of your post. Tag important and famous profiles related to the pet industry to reach out to their followers. It can help you get more potential buyers and also helps with building relationships for future business. Also, if you tag some pet lover’s profiles, they can help you spread the word about your pup.

8- Create Groups

Building your community is essential if you want to sell your puppy online. Create a group and invite pet lovers, breeders, or owners to it. It will help you build relationships and gain loyal customers for future business. Another benefit of creating your community on Facebook is that it allows you to get more engagement from potential buyers.

9- Upload Documents to Prove Ownership

Another critical step is to upload all required documents in the listing. It is crucial to prove to potential buyers that you are the rightful owner of your pup. The most critical document you should upload is the puppy’s health certificate, which shows that they have been checked by a vet and are free from any contagious diseases or illnesses.

Sell puppies

10- Post Frequently and Consistently

After doing all the necessary steps, staying consistent with posting is essential. Post regularly and frequently to ensure that your pup stays at the top of people’s minds when looking for a new pet. It will also help you build a relationship with potential buyers and show how much love and care you put into your pup.

11- Respond to Buyers Quickly To Find Potential Customers

More than making a profile and posting frequently is required. To close the deal and get that puppy sold, it is essential to respond quickly to any inquiries you receive. Make sure to answer all questions promptly and provide as much information as possible so buyers can make an informed decision. And also helps you to filter the genuinely interested buyer.

12- Always Ask For Reviews After Selling Puppies

Once you have sold the pet, remember to ask for a review. Reviews are critical when selling puppies on Facebook, as potential buyers will be more likely to trust your listings if they have seen positive reviews from other customers. You can also share the reviews in your posts or add them to the profile page of the puppy you sold. Doing this can create a good reputation and ensure future sales.

Sell puppies

Conclusion | How To Sell Puppies On Facebook

In the end, you already know how to sell your dogs on Facebook step by step. Start setting up your profile and post away. Ensure to include all the critical information and take advantage of the available tools.

Facebook is a powerful tool for selling puppies, as long as you know how to use it properly. You can easily sell your puppy quickly and safely with the right strategies and techniques. Once you make a community on Facebook, you can sell other pets, cats, animals, and dogs to private individuals and increase your reach. The reason is that most people stay active on social media and prefer buying different animals, especially dogs of other breeds. Good luck! More Blog And Follow YouTube Channel

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